Your Website: What Does it Do?

By Victor J. McCoy, Sr.

Every website should be built with a specific objective to accomplish. However, I’ve found that many are not.

Whether it’s to provide information, create leads for your company, or sell products, measuring the amount of visitors that
complete a desired action on your site as a goal is referred to as a conversion.

Understanding the conversion rate (website visits/number of conversions) of your website helps you to gauge the value of your website as well as the success of the numerous campaigns that are driving traffic to your site. This can be invaluable in understanding and reporting where money should be spent (web marketing) to gain maximum uplifts.

There are two types of conversions in web analytics, micro-conversions, and macro conversions. Micro conversions are signed up for your email newsletter, lead generations and activities that precede a purchase. Macro conversions are sales transactions or completing a quote form online or offline.

Goals measure how well your site or app fulfills your target objectives. A goal represents a completed activity, called a conversion that contributes to the success of your business.

Defining goals is a fundamental component of any web analytics measurement plan – or marketing plan for that matter. Having properly configured goals in your report settings allows analytics to provide you with critical information, such as the number of conversions and the conversion rate for your site or app. Without this information, it’s almost impossible to evaluate the effectiveness of your online business and marketing campaigns.

(Google Analytics)

How goals works

Goals are configured at the view level. Goals can be applied to specific pages or screens your users visit, how many pages/screens they view in a session, how long they stay on your site or app, and the events they trigger while they are there. Every goal can have a monetary value, so you can see how much that conversion is worth to your business. Using values for goals lets you focus on the highest value conversions, such as transactions with a minimum purchase amount.

When a visitor to your site or user of your app performs an action defined as a goal, Analytics records that as a conversion. That conversion data is then made available in a number of special-purpose reports, which are described below.

Goal Types

Goals fall into one of 5 types, listed in the table below:

Goal Type Description Example
Destination A specific location loads Thank you for registering! Web page or app screen
Duration Sessions that lasts a specific amount of time or longer 10 minutes or longer spent on a support site
Pages/Screens per session A user views a specific number of pages or screens 5 pages or screens have been loaded
Event An action defined as an Event is triggered Social recommendation, video play, ad click