Measuring Website Performance

by Victor J. McCoy, Digital Marketing Strategist, 3V Design Media

All operational activities including marketing communications online and offline emanate from an objective. At least they should.

With today’s super-connected customer and business, the success of your online marketing objective is directly related how well you design, deploy and measure campaign activity. Analyzing specific metrics will produce your KPI and direct your resources to pursue the desired results.

Your website is the primary tool used to market your business and achieve your online and offline marketing objective. Your measurement plan evaluates how that tool(s) perform over time. The type of website (structure and design) dictates how visitors engage with your organization online and offline. Both are paramount to the success of your marketing objective(s).

There are four basic, or what I call “objective-type” websites.  Regardless of size or type of organization, knowing what type of website you need may not equal the type of website you have. The four basic types are:

  1. Lead generation
  2. Sales
  3. Support
  4. Informational

To determine if the website you have is the website you need begin with the objective in mind and what you hope to produce. The objective must include a good understanding of your customer base and how they will engage with your organization online and offline.

Secondly, you must have a marketing measurement plan that produces qunatitative data on the performance of your campaings.

Many businesses look at the amount of traffic coming to their website and get exciting over the increase – and irritated by the decrease. That view only focuses on the quantity not the quality of the visits. You can have 1,000 visits that produce only 10 quality leads or sales or 100 visits that produce 75 quality leads or sales. So, the objective is not the only quantity, it’s both. Quantitative metrics must be analyzed to interpret the quality.

Once an objective is determined metrics can be defined. When those two work in concert,  quality can be produced and ROI achieved.  Many organizations are more concerned with how their website looks, and not how it performs – it’s also both.

The key to a successful website is having an objective and measuring its performance over time against that objective.

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