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Digital Marketing, Web Development, Web Analytics, Business Management, Sociology, English Majors

The online marketing industry is experiencing extraordinary growth with an expected increase of 41.2% in the number of jobs available between 2010 and 2020 (US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013).  A recent survey identified 250,000 unfilled online marketing positions available (Monster Government Solutions, 2013).

Web development, App Development, Digital Marketing and Web Analytics has become the core of the marketing field in the recent decade and the trend is projected to continue for a number of years. With that has come an explosion in the area web or digital analytics or Big Data. The enormous growth and availability of information has created a number of specialized career option that did not exist 10 to 20 years ago.  Hence the job opportunities in the digital media are projected to continue to grow and provide income for those in the field.

Internships are a great way gain the practical experience needed in this field and can be the bridge to gainful employment.

3V Design Media, LLC has developed an internship program to provide the many opportunities for a career in the field of Digital Marketing and Analytics as well as Business Management/Entrepreneurship.

To apply for an internship with 3V Design Media, LLC complete the information form below and the company CMO, Victor J. McCoy, Sr. will contact you to schedule a phone conference to discuss the program. This may be the first step towards the career you’ll love.

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