Frontend Development

Front-End Development

Front-end Web development, also known as client-side development is the process of producing HTML, CSS  JavaScript or other back-end code to produce a website or Web Application that will be visible to those who search the web for products, services etc. Front-end developers build beautiful websites that businesses use to market products and services to their customers online. The code helps them (us) interact with the website. For example, what you are reading right now is what was produced by HTML, CSS, etc. You’re able to interact with the front-end of this page because of what is happening on the back-end of this website.

We help our clients develop applications that interact effectively with their website and website visitors. For example, one of our clients (cannot give the name) wanted a custom online application for section 8 housing participants. At that time, there was no product on the market to suit their needs. They contacted us explained what they needed to happen, and our programmers developed the application to their satisfaction. That program is still in use today.

Is Customized Programming Expensive?

Customized programming can be expensive depending complexity of the programming.  However,  their are many plugins available today that are less expensive and may provide what you need.

Here is what some of what you see actually looks like:

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