Engagement Marketing

Engage Your Customers

Engagement Marketing

The most important asset of any business has always been its’ customers. Maximizing their value has also been what makes great brands and produces brand advocates. The essence of Engagement Marketing  seeks to produce these results – value for customers and value for the business. According to Marketo, “The most  successful companies succeed because they excel during each stage of the customer lifestyle: in acquiring new buyers, in growing their lifetime value, and in converting them into advocates.”

“When a positive exchange between a brand and customers becomes quantifiable metrics, it encourages brand to provide better service, customer service to do a better job, and consumers to actively show their gratitude.

– Simon Mainwaring

3V can develop a strategy specific to your businesses marketing strategy. Let us develop a plan that will help you connect and engage you customers. Engagement marketing is about connecting with people, connecting with your market at the optimal time and through the best channel. Engagement Marketing includes knowing these 6 principles:

  • Knowing your market persona
  • Knowing what they do
  • Knowing what they need
  • Knowing them over time
  • Knowing the outcome expected, relationally
  • Knowing how to reach them and when to reach them