Web Analytics: Dormant Data

by Victor J. McCoy, Digital Marketing Strategist, 3V Design Media

Web Analytics tells the story of what’s happening in your business by leveraging high-performance, real-time analytics across all your marketing channels.

The information that flows through your marketing channel(s) to your analytics platform allows you to continuously improve the performance of your digital and offline marketing communications. The purpose of improving is to produce better and desired results. For example, in your dimensions data/report, you may see the top 5 cities with the most traffic to your website are the cities targeted in a campaign recently deployed – sending out 10,000 emails. Out of that number, the top city recorded 2,000 sessions, the 5th city had 500 sessions. However, the 5th city – according to your metrics, had 75% of the conversions. Now, I know you have questions and would need more information to answer several questions that come to mind. But, that is exactly the point. Analytics presents the data that lead to questions and further drilling down to uncover insights that “will” produce a hypothesis leading to the actions that must be taken. Analytics helps you to detect events that demand attention. Having the right analytics tools and model is critically important to how that information is interpreted and the hypothesis that is produced leading to the prescribed action.

The action after proving a hypothesis could be either to prevent a problem from occurring, a problem from getting worse or take advantage of an opportunity. So, don’t let valuable data lay dormant, make it an active participant in your business marketing decisions and overall business success.