Digital Analytics turns insight into prescriptive actions.

Digital Analytics

The goal of Digital Analytics is to analyze data and extract actionable and commercially relevant information to optimize the performance of your online and offline marketing objectives.

Digital Analytics collects behavioral data from many sources to learn who and what marketing communications is producing the best results. In marketing and advertising, you want to know how your target audience is engaging with your website, social media platforms, e-blast, blogs and the various campaign’s, you’ve launched online and off. That information alone can produce leads, and in increased sales, or whatever the primary goal is for your organization.

Digital Analytics should be integrated into all your digital marketing communications with campaign tags. Campaign tags allow your analytics report to show(metrics) from where the increased traffic came from and what page or pages did they visit.

One of the tools we use is visual analytics. By creating visual or graph presentations of the data we can look at user patterns or trends. This approach combines data analysis with data visualization and user interaction, as you will see in your Google Analytics report. This format provides a much easier way to drill-down into various data sets to gather specific and valuable information.

Sound business decisions can emerge from data set analysis

Digital Analytics Solutions

  • Install Google tracking code
  • Establish objectives/goals
  • Create profiles
  • Create campaigns
  • Explain the reporting features
  • Analytics basic training
  • Online conversion insights
  • Online channel effectiveness
  • Mobile behavioral intelligence
  • Detailed Traffic Data
  • Compare Sites
  • Export Functionality
  • Paid vs. Organic Keywords
  • A/B and multivariate testing
  • Multi-page funnel testing
  • Multichannel experiments

You can create and deliver relevant experiences on the web, mobile web, iOS, and Android.

  •  Blog Development, Integration, and Analysis
  • CMS
  • Landing Page Design
  • Lead Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Data Base Design

We Create

〈 Digital Measurement Models Specific to Your Organizations Goals

Look at the Value Analytics can Produce

Analytics Answers
the Question:

What are the top 10 states or cities for users – new visits?

⋅What are the top two user age groups?

⋅What percentage of male and female users visited our website in August?

⋅What is number 1 device used to view our landing page – PC, Tablet, Phone?

⋅How long did users stay on our website?

⋅What campaign produced the most users?

The are numerous reports that can be produced with digital analytics. The key is, what do YOU want to know? Sometimes it’s also what can “you” the digital strategist tell me from your analysis of the metrics?