Digital Analytics: Telling the Story

by Victor J. McCoy, Digital Marketing Strategist, 3V Design Media

Most of us like a good storyline. One that ends with someone being victorious over whatever, or justice being served. The end of the story usually ties all of the loose ends together drawing the conclusion we expected or unexpected – a twist that you did not see coming.

Digital Analytics enables business (marketers) to tell the story of what’s happening in the business by leveraging high-performance, real-time analytics across marketing channels. Businesses can take advantage of the insight that flows through an analytics platform (Google, Adobe, Bing) to continuously improve the performance of their digital marketing tactics and audiences experience with the brand. Analytics when configured and interpreted correctly can tell the story of how your assumptions and actions produced the expected end, or it could reveal an unexpected twist to the end results. Either way, the story it tells is one that is very important to the organizations success. For example, lets’ say you launched an email campaign to promote brand “x”, however when the segmented audience reached your website – or some landing page, you found that “y” received more (“y” represents a product or service add-on listed) conversions (leads) then “x”. Okay, that was not expected but the data could yield significant insight into your target audience. Digital analytics will help you to uncover insights that ask what happened and why. It will then produce a what next?

Digital analytics can tell the story that the analyst must interpret and prescribe actions that lead to the organizations marketing and sales goal. Mind the data for all it’s worth.

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